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In a chit fund, members contribute money to a pool and take turns withdrawing from it through an auction process.

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Chit Plans Ranging from

₹ 2,50,000
₹ 5000 per Month
Duration: 50 months
₹ 25,00,000
₹ 50000 per Month
Duration: 50 months
₹ 50,00,000
₹ 100000 per Month
Duration: 50 months
₹ 1,00,00,000
₹ 200000 per Month
Duration: 50 months

Why Us

No.1 Chit fund company in India
60 Lakh+ satisfied subscribers
Network of 113 Branches

No.1 Chit fund company in India

  • Convenient savings and borrowing options available
  • Help in planning for unforeseen events and ensuring stability
  • Over 60 Years of consistent growth
  • Current turnover of Rs. 10,687 crore
  • Strong leadership, ethics, and law-abiding culture
  • Credibility and position at the forefront maintained

60 Lakh+ satisfied subscribers

  • Over 60 Years of empowering 60+ lakh customers
  • Building trust and financial success
  • Fulfilling dreams of homes, businesses, education, and more through chit schemes
  • Transparent processes to create lasting relationships
  • Foster a sense of community
  • Join us for a brighter future

Network of 113 Branches

  • A tight-knit network of 18,000+ agents
  • Agents have become an integral part of the organisation over the decades
  • Agents act as intermediaries between Margadarsi and participants
  • Responsibilities include educating customers about chit fund schemes
  • Assisting customers in the enrolment process
  • Providing regular updates to participants

4100+ Employees

  • A talented and diverse team of 4,100 employees
  • Team embodies the company's values
  • Dedication of the team has led to remarkable milestones and goal achievements
  • Delivering exceptional service to customers
  • Company invests in the development of employees
  • Celebrating the achievements of the team
  • Together, forging a path to a brighter future
60 Years



Be it higher education for our children, building our dream house and many other Investments, It's always been Margadarsi helping us realize our dreams and goals.

K. Vinay & Poornima Vinay, Trading and Hotel Business, Bengaluru


I'm glad we chose Margadarsi as a reliable partner. Margadarsi helps us with emergency fund mobilisation for infrastructure development. As a fast growing hospital, it's very important to have financial backup and Margadarsi is a perfect partner we can trust. Best wishes to Mr Ramoji Rao & Smt Sailaja Kiron on the diamond jubilee of Margadarsi.

Dr. Gunturu Varun, Varun Cardiac Sciences, Vijayawada


Our association with Margadarsi dates back to almost 15 years. Their strict policies towards safeguarding investor monies is a reassurance for business owners like us. There's no exaggeration in the fact that Margadarsi is like a saviour in the hour of need. I recommend everybody to subscribe to a Margadarsi chit.

S.S. Shanmugan, Kasturi Packagings, Coimbatore


We are subscribers of Margadarsi Chits since 20 years. The chit helps us as a backup source in times of need as an emergency fund. We are indeed fortunate to have Margadarsi stand by us through thick and thin.

Lathamani Selaraj, Rajesekhara Petrol Fill & Oil Services, Coimbatore


Margadarsi Chits helped me realize many of my personal and professional commitments. As a finance professional, I strongly recommend everybody to develop a savings habit and subscribe to a Margadarsi Chit as it is a unique financial instrument from the trusted Ramoji Group.

U.H. Abdul Naseer, Chartered Accountant, Davangree


My father began a subscription to a Margadarsi Chit way back in 1996 and Margadarsi plays a big rolle in our progress by arranging quick funds even at a short notice. I remember, an important national holiday was approaching and we had financial commitments to keep, thanks to Margadarsi, we could easily honour our commitments. Apart from working capital, thanks to Margadarsi, we own this building today.

Pavitraa, Pavitra Graphics, Chennai


It's been 15 years since I joined Margadarsi Chit group. Thanks to Margadarsi, we could easily tide over the pandemic. Even today, we depend on Margadarsi for our business operations. It's a great backup instrument and I suggest every entrepreneur to subscribe to a Margadarsi Chit.

Alapati Srikanth, Cotton Shop, Vijayawada

Understand Chits. It’s simple

What is a chit fund?
What is a ticket?
Who is a foreman?
What is an auction?
What is a chit fund?
Who is a prized subscriber?
Who is a non-prized subscriber?
What is a bid?
What is a dividend?

Margadarsi Chit Fund is your trusted partner in growth and in securing your future by enabling members to compulsorily save, borrow anytime and plan for life events. Margadarsi has been growing consistently for over 60 years with a member centric approach, professional integrity, financial discipline and timely disbursal of prize money. With the current base of over three lakh satisfied members and a turnover of 10,700 crores, we are India’s #1 Chit Fund company. Our strong leadership, ethics, legacy and law-abiding culture has helped us in retaining our position.

Chit Fund

A "ticket" means the share of a subscriber in a chit. The foreman always has the first ticket.

Chit Fund

The whole chit fund operations are overlooked by one member of the fund known as the Foreman. Foreman acts on behalf of the chit fund management company by collecting the monthly investment from each chit fund member to record member details and overlooking the auctioning process. In other words, the company is the foreman.

Chit Fund

A chit fund starts at a pre-specified date. Members keep their monthly installments in the pot. After that, an open auction takes place, permitting subscribers to bid for the value. A member who is ready to get the lowest amount is a winner. He/she receives the chit fund in that month. The foreman always claims the first month's bid. The members auction from the months after.

Chit Fund

A chit fund is a financial arrangement or scheme where a group of individuals pool their money together for a specific period. The members of the group contribute fixed amounts regularly, and each month, one member is chosen through a lottery or auction to receive the entire pool of money.

Chit Fund

A "prized subscriber" means a subscriber who has either received or is entitled to receive the prize amount. Every prized subscriber shall pay his subscriptions regularly on the dates and times and at the place mentioned in the chit agreement and, on his failure to do so, he shall be liable to make a consolidated payment of all the future subscriptions forthwith.

Chit Fund

A "non-prized subscriber" means a subscriber who has not participated in an auction or won the bid.Every non-prized subscriber shall pay his subscription due in respect of every installment on the dates and times and at the places mentioned in the chit agreement and shall, on such payment, be entitled to obtain a receipt from the foreman.

Chit Fund

By bidding it means the member agrees to forego some part of the money in order to claim the pot. The lowest bidder gets the pot, i.e. the one who is ready to forego the most. The Chit Funds Act, 1982 has put a cap on how much a member can forgo, which is 40% at max.

Chit Fund

A "dividend' means the share of the subscriber in the amount of discount available under the chit agreement for rateable distribution among the subscribers at each installment of the chit.

Chit Fund